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Linkware Technologies is an IT software, solutions & services company.Our services are web design, online marketing, mobile application development, online reservation system.
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Linkware Technologies is an IT software, solutions & services company headquartered in India with an expanding global presence in Australia, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Linkware Technologies is strategically positioned in Chennai, one of India's fastest growing IT cities.
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    About Us

    About Linkware

    Linkware Technologies Private Limited is a premier IT company focused on delivering innovative and cost effective solutions to its customers.

    Our Vision:

    Our vision is to become a world leader in vertical IT solutions & services. To achieve our vision, our team strives to deliver innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions & services.

    Our Mission:

    Our mission is to be the customer's first choice for IT solutions, delivering innovative products with great service at an effective price.

    Our Values:

    As a company, our organizational culture values:

    Leveraging teams, partners, and resources

    Integrity and honesty

    New ideas and calculated risk-taking

    Knowledgeable and professional employees

    A strong Work ethic

    Accountability to our customers, shareholders, partners, employees, community, and environment

    Respect and promotion of diversity

    Exceeding our customer's expectations

    We will ensure:

    Our customer's receive the best service in the industry.


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    Our Service Web Solutions Online Marketing Software Solutions Mobile Apps Quality Assurance Infrastructure Solutions Embedded Systems IT Training Link a Media

    Linkware is a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for embedded real-time systems.



    • Effective Black-Box Testing with Genetic Algorithms.
    • Biometric Authentication for a Mobile Personal Device.
    • Video mining for Face Retrieval using skin color model.
    • Better Architectures and New Security Applications for Coarse Network Monitoring.
    • A Straightforward Path Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks.


    • RACHWC : Random Number Accessing Cryptography Hardware class (Click Here to Download)
    • AllAlgo : All Arithmatic Algorithms
    • RNQ : RandomNetworkQualifier
    • NSC : Network Simulation & Capture
    • NSC_SE : Network Simulation & Capture_Special Edition (Click Here to Download)

    Linkware specializes in developing mobile applications across diverse platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Symbian. Linkware offers native, hybrid, and web mobile application services.

    Linkware's team of mobile app experts is creative, innovative, and follows the highest industry standards for engineering processes, product quality, delivery and support. We design apps with easy-to-use interfaces allowing users to access the contents intuitively.

    Before releasing a mobile app, Linkware tests for compatibility, functionality, interoperability, usability, performance, localization & internationalization, and communication, helping ensure a smooth and successful release.


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    Technical & Strategy Analysis
    Coding & development
    Apps Registration
    Deploy & Maintain


    • iPhone Application Development
    • iPad Application Development
    • Android App Development
    • Blackberry App Development
    • Symbian App Development
    • Windows Mobile App Development

    Linkware specializes in providing end-to-end testing, which includes cloud applications, ecommerce portals, mobile applications, embedded solutions and networking. We are focused on reaching 100% quality standards and customer satisfaction and guarantee that you will receive an effective, efficient product that goes through SQA audit per CMMI standards.


    Web Application Development Training
    Software Testing Training
    Online Marketing Training
    Real Time Projects
    In-Plant Training
    Multimedia Training
    Network Training

    Corporate training programs help employees understand the vision, strategy, and goals of your company as well as expectations, standards, and ethics. Corporate training programs also demonstrate a range of skills that will help improve employee understanding and performance.

    Linkware provides customized corporate training solutions guaranteed to target a specific audience through relevant design, development, packaging, and delivery.


    Linkware offers highly innovative software solutions through LinkSaas™ (Linkware Software as a Service). The customizable, integrated solutions available through LinkSaas™ allow your business to help support daily functions and collaborate efficiently with vendors, partners, and customers. As a LinkSaas™ client, your business will have access to software safely stored on Linkware's servers, available through the LinkCloud™.

    Software selections available through LinkSaas™:

    1. Online Hotel Reservation System (OHRS)

    2. Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

    3. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

    4. Project Management System (PMS)

    5. Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

    6. Support Ticket Management System (STMS)


    Key Benefits of LinkSaas™:

    • Scale your business with a software solution that integrates ecommerce, marketing, finance, customer service, order management, and inventory management.
    • Merge your ecommerce and brick-and-mortar channels. Gain instant access to customer shopping and financial performance across channels.
    • Reduce IT costs. Eliminate the hassle and expense of installing, updating, and maintaining software on your network of computers.


    Linkware Technologies is an IT software, solutions & services company headquartered in India with an expanding global presence in Australia, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Linkware Technologies is strategically positioned in Chennai, one of India's fastest growing IT cities.

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    Linkware provides a full spectrum of cost-effective web solutions to meet the growing technical needs of your business. We understand that your business is unique and we honor your individuality through custom-made web solutions. We also understand that your business wants to make more money while spending less money, which is why we offer cost-effective solutions focused on delivering results.



    Our websites are not just good to look at but they are smart to work with too. To find out more Contact us


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    Effective online marketing can mean the difference between a website somewhere in cyber space and a website that is in front of your customer's face. Whether you are looking for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Pay Per Click Management, Email Marketing Management, and beyond, Linkware's online marketing team has the training and experience to get real results for your business (real results like page one rankings for Search Engine Optimization). With Linkware's cost-effective prices, we are certain your business can afford our online marketing services, and in this highly competitive online environment, can you afford not to?

    Search Engine Optimization
    Social Media Marketing
    Pay Per Click Management
    Online Reputation Management
    Link Building Management
    Free SEO Tools


    As Internet search queries quickly become the primary method for information gathering, online marketing is no longer optional; it has become a necessary part of an organization's marketing strategy. Linkware provides unique online marketing solutions, which give companies an identity on the web and an edge in scale.



    Linkware handles campaigns that integrate Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Management, Google Adsence and Managed E-mail Marketing. Our extensive industry experience gets your business real time results like page one rankings for Search Engine Optimization and high click-through rates for Managed E-mail Marketing.



    Linkware offers network solutions that encompass our client's network requirements, business process management and team collaboration systems. Whether your business is small, medium, or a large corporation, Linkware recommends a service oriented network architecture framework that can support the demands placed on your business.

    Linkware's network services can help transform your business and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.




    • Network Strategy Solutions
    • Network Infrastructure Solutions
    • Wireless Infrastructure Solutions
    • Network Security Solutions
    • Network & service management
    • Disaster Recovery Solutions
    • Open Source Consultation

    Linkware's team of multimedia design and presentation experts provides interactive graphics, multimedia designs and presentations that will appeal to your customers and fit your budget.

    Multimedia projects include:



    Multimedia projects include:

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    Theme development

    Logo design

    Website design

    Complete rich multimedia design solutions

    Corporate branding & corporate presentations

    Flyers & brochures

    Interactive media & add design

    3D introduction & graphic design



    Enterprise Resource Planning

    Linkware's suite of Enterprise Resource Planning products equips business, large and small and in a variety of industries, with powerful capabilities to manage enterprise-wide systems, resources, teams, and data. Our ERP software integrates critical operations, including development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

    Typical Modules in ERP Systems

    The Manufacturing module supports manufacturing-related activities such as plant engineering, scheduling production and materials requirements, managing workflow and processes, quality control, and cost control.

    The Supply Chain module is concerned with ensuring timely supplies of acceptable quality materials by improving inventory control and purchasing functions, supplier performance monitoring, etc.

    The Customer Relations module facilitates marketing-related activities, such as sales and distribution functions, commission calculations, and customer support. The Financials module attends to accounting and cash flow management functions, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow control, and general ledger.

    Additional modules include Human Resources Management (including payroll), Project Management, and Data Warehousing.


    Online Test Engine

    Linkware's Online Testing Engine (assessment system) is highly innovative, well maintained, and regularly enhanced by our team of experts. Linkware recognizes that our Online Testing Engine is easier, faster, less expensive, and more secure than traditional paper tests. In addition, Linkware implements advanced features such as adaptive and interactive testing. Our Online Testing Engine allows you to efficiently evaluate a candidate through a fully automated, fast, accurate, and reliable system.

    Benefits of Online Testing Engine:

    • Ease of Use
    • Flexibility in Usage
    • Real Time Results Analysis
    • Reliable and Accurate
    • Monetize Your Package
    • Safe & Secure
    • Complete solution for Offline and Online Testing
    • Comprehensive Report Management

    Online Human Resource Management System

    Linkware's Human Resources Management System is a comprehensive solution for the efficient management and development of your HR department.

    The benefits of a Human Resource Management System:

    • HR processes are automated, regulated, and streamlined, resulting in time and cost savings.
    • HR information is converted and stored electronically, resulting in increased accessibility. Electronic storage is safe and secure.
    • Employee information can be accessed quickly and easily. Information is organized and complete.
    • Your HR team can focus on critical tasks, instead of administrative tasks. You can increase your organization's strategic human resources capabilities.

    Online Chat Management System

    Linkware's Online Chat Management System is a critical component of your company's online customer service strategy. With Linkware's OCSM, an authorized user(s) can provide live assistance to your website's visitors. Our OCMS is cost effective and can help increase conversion for your website.

    Online Chat Management System features include:

    • Administrator can create an invitation to chat based on the web page a given visitor is viewing, allowing you to offer personalized service and also develop more effective, targeted marketing campaigns.
    • Multiple customers can be serviced by administrator simultaneously
    • Requires minimal effort to support visitors and potential customers
    • Increases conversion-to-sales rate
    • Easy to use, safe and secure, and password protected

    Video Training Solution

    Coming Soon....

    Support Ticket Management System

    Linkware's Support Ticket Management System is the perfect solution for alerting your company or team of issues, concerns, and actionable items. Our STMS offers intuitive support system workflows, dashboards, and reporting, and is scalable and dynamic to meet the size of your company and the needs of your business. With our STMS, you can address issues efficiently and offer superior customer service.

    Benefits of Support Ticket Management System:

    • Automated, error free capture of requests from web portal
    • Effective communication to support customers through comments feature
    • Requests managed according to Service Level Agreement
    • Tickets auto assigned to support team based on defined hierarchy
    • Automatic escalation if tickets are not solved within allotted time
    • Extensive reports & analytics to improve the efficiency of support team & sales team

    Blog Publishing System

    Coming soon....


    EManSys is a Content Management System developed and exclusively offered by Linkware. EManSys allows you to have control over the following aspects of your website: user creations, permission controls, bulk mail sending, article publishing, mail group, news & events management, contact us, feedback, text management, images & video management, questionnaires, ads management, and more.

    Without any technical training, you can make changes quickly and easily, saving you time and money.


    Online Reservation System

    Linkware's online Hotel Reservation System enables hotels, motels, and travel websites to provide customers with real time availability and room booking functionality. You manage room types, rates, and booking options while your Hotel Reservation System manages reservations and generates valuable reports.

    Features for Administrator:

    • Hotel Management Configuration
    • Add, Edit, Delete room types & rooms details
    • Add, Edit, Delete rates with tax details
    • User Management with foolproof permission settings
    •  Room Allotment & Block
    •  Check Booking Status
    •  Cancel Booking Status

    General Reports:

    • Sales Report
    • Booking, Cancellation Report
    • Room Allotment & Block Report
    • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Report
    • Cancellation Report

    Customer Relationship Management

    Linkware's cloud Customer Relationship Management System delivers a complete, real-time snapshot of your customer experience, from leads to order management and up sales and renewals to service.

    Benefits of Customer Relationship Management System:

    • Instantly alerts responses and systematically prioritizes critical leads allow you to promptly respond to customers and capture sales
    • Improves customer service productivity and reduces case resolution times
    • Improves sales performance through forecasting, up sell and commission management
    • Streamlines quote-to-order processes
    • Provides clear visibility into sales, service and marketing performance
    • Provides complete access to customer relationship management, with multiple views such as by customer, by date or by program.
    • Organizes future needs and provides monthly alerts, so you can schedule targeted mailings and utilize a second-tier alert as deadlines approach

    Project Management System

    Linkware's Project Management System supports project scheduling, budgeting and cost control, resource allocation, collaboration and communication, documentation, quality management and more. Our Project Management System automates administrative tasks, such as updating project plans, analyzing time sheets, tracking progress, and creating reports. Less administrative tasks mean capacity, time, and cost savings for you.

    Project Management System features include:

    • Project visibility, which shows the project as a whole. Project visibility enables you to accurately predict the results of various project constraints (scope, time, costs, etc.).
    • Resource visibility, which shows the resources available in a project. Resource visibility enables you to appropriately prioritize and distribute work.
    • Metric visibility, which shows the current status of project metrics. Metric visibility enables you to assess the progress of project metrics in relation to the desired end results.

    Job Portal System

    Linkware's Job Portal System connects employers with candidates online and facilitates the job application process. With the Job Portal System, candidates can create an account and profile, upload a resume, manage references, search and apply for positions. Employers can create an account and profile, post open positions, search, contact and track candidates throughout the job application process.

    Our Job Portal System is intuitive and user friendly. Users can easily search, edit, and add/remove resumes and profiles from the database. Users can also edit and add/remove descriptions as well as upload photos and images.

    Job Portal System features include:

    • Employer Profile/Jobs Creation
    • Job Seeker Profile Creation
    • Resume Management
    • Reference Management
    • Sales Management
    • Advanced Job Search
    • Advanced Candidate Search
    • Auto Responder Mails
    • Relative Jobs Mailing to Job Seekers
    • Payment Gateway Integration


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